Morning Classroom Information

English fluency preschool classes

Bambino provides English fluency preschool classes for students 2 years old to 6 years old.
Each morning as a group we concentrate on a weekly theme, grammar concept, calendar math, songs & movement and story presentation.
In the afternoon, we separate class ino 3 different learning levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.


During holiday season, we do special events, crafts and activities to highlight the different meanings.

Beginner Class2-3 years old

Our focus is listening, oral and speaking skills.


Experienced native English teachers implement the following: Colors, numbers, shapes, alphabet, songs, basic phonics, motor skills, picture books and stories and basic school manners.

Intermidiate Class3-4 years old

Our focus is basic reading and writing skills.


Our students learn 1st grade level phonics, 220 Dolch sight words, reading comprehension, sentence writing, and oral presentation.

Advanced Class5-6 years old

Our focus is 1st/2nd grade grammar, reading comprehension, creative writing, vocabulary and theme concept.


When they graduate, our students achieve a level equal to 2nd grade elementary students in the USA.

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