Graduate Classes

Japanese elementary grade 1-6

We continue to offer different level classes to our previous graduates.
We also offer individualized classes for private students and students new to English.


Our Junior and Senior classes have continued studying at Bambino for many years. They achieve superior levels of comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills with ongoing practice.

Junior ClassGrade 1-3

Senior ClassGrade 4-5

Our focus is to keep advancing each students solid grasp of English and improve upon it  yearly.


Premium Class
Age limit is 15 years old.

Premium Class is a merit class for students who have achieved a passing score of 2nd level of Eiken. The focus is to pass 1st /Pre 1st Eiken and attain a score of 750 or more for Toeic.


Afternoon Phonics Class *Specialized Classes

These are afternoon classes for various levels of students who attend Kindergarten and Elementary School. Our main focus is to teach students to read fluently. Bambino teaches Phonics, 220 Dolch Sight “Words, vocabulary and reading.


Private Lesson

These lessons are one on one individual classes that are tailored to the students needs.

morning class募集要項