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About Bambino Little International Kids

picture1Bambino was established in 1990. Bambino is loved by many people in the Shonan area. Over the years, Bambino has developed a reputation of excellence.

We nurture students to fluency via an English immersion environment. We not only teach the four basic English skills -Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, but we also teach and encourage creativity in speaking and writing, patience, independent thinking skills and presentation skills. Bambino creates “Little International Kids” by diverse training and teaching.

Bambino's goal is for each graduate to be able to communicate with people all around the world and understand the different culture and customs of each other.

School Name & Logo Mark The Children’s House of Montesori Education

ロゴ Our school name “Bambino” means “The Children’s House of Montesori Education”. Bambino curriculum is based on the Montesori Method. Young children learn through the 5 senses- listening, sight, smell, taste and touch by working with materials as opposed to only teacher centered instructive learning.

Our Bambino Logo was drawn by the professional Japanese artist and Tama Art graduate Ms. Ayano Fukasawa. When creating the logo, she drew inspiration from the joyful memories she had when giving birth to her only child. The logo is based on the story “Bambino” where Bambino, the fawn prince , wore a crown on his head. We wanted to capture in the image the curiosity that he had to explore but was unable to do because of fragile legs. And here at Bambino, “we desire to nurture students until they can stand and walk to explore on their own. The hearts on his body represent the “love” we have for children and others have for them.

School Philosophy Excellent Communication

picture3 When do you smile? You smile when you feel happy and have fun of course. We smile when we can successfully communicate opinions and ideas with people from different cultures. Through language we can reach a mutual understanding with each oher.

Bambino believes that we can have a greater respect and understanding of people who have different cultural backgrounds if we have higher linguistic skills. For us, the English language is a tool we want our students to properly utilize to help them in sharing thoughts and understanding others.
In addition, we strive in maintaining a high standard learning in order for our students to speak, read and write at a level of excellency.

Excellent communication aids in bridging the gap between human beings which in turn makes for a happier and more peaceful world to live in.

School Educational Goal

picture4Bambino trains students to be bilingual in “English and Japanese”. Bambino’s curriculum is constructed to reach a superior English level.

Bambino’s graduates (6 years old) reach a superior of English fluency in reading and writing equivalent to a 2nd grade American elementary student.

We believe by creating students that can communicate on an International level that they will go on to be responsible, productive, and successful. We hope this will provide them opportunities to give back to their communities and to their country. By understanding many culture and countries, our students will be able to do so much for their own.