International Preschool

Bambino Preschool is classified as ninkagai (licensed preschool by Fujisawa City), and our clients can apply for government support at the ward office.

Features of Bambino English Education
  1. Experienced teachers (native & Japanese)At Bambino, we believe that teaching English is a profession that requires experience and skill, and is taught by highly qualified instructors.
  2. Simultaneously with English language skills, we help develop independent thinking, creativity, perseverance, and presentation skills
  3. At the time of graduation, students will be able to acquire the reading comprehension skills of 2nd and 3rd-grade American elementary school students.

To learn more about the curriculum press here.

At the moment we are offering Afternoon Preschool Program from 2pm – 5pm.

For morning program and ninkagai we have a waiting list opened at the moment. If you are interested please send contact us.

More about the fees you can see here.

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