Name & Logo


Name Bambino (Italian – baby/child) came from the original Montessori methodology schools – Case dei Bambini (Children’s Houses). It is important to say that even though the school’s teaching method and curriculum are influenced by Montessori method, Bambino as it is today does not follow Montessori curriculum.


Original logo is made by established painter Ayano Fukasawa, who was motivated with story about free-spirited fawn Bambi, that she often read to her children. For generations this logo was a symbol of this of everything this school stands for.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, international preschool temporary closed, and we are reopening it this year. To mark the reopening and a new beginning we have decided to redesign the logo.

Our new logo has kept an image of Bambi to honor the past, and has book that is symbol of knowledge and two circles that present Earth and a new horizon.

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