Preschool Curriculum

Bambino’s goal is for each preschool graduate to be able to communicate with people all around the world and understand different cultures and customs and treat them with respect. Bambino’s methods and teaching styles are influenced by the Montessori method, but our curriculum is original – developed through 30 years of experience in teaching and tracking the results of our students.


In our preschool English learning system, we are covering:

  • Phonics – by learning phoniscPhonics 220 & Dolch Sight Word
  • Listening
  • Reading and reading comprehension (in class and providing books for home reading) – a child can get familiar with up to 300 books in the year
  • Speaking
  • Word games and puzzles

Through Montessori teaching methods, we provide guidance (demonstration) and tools, but not limiting children’s expression:

  • Crafting
  • Verbal expression
  • Performance (weekly – after reading world-famous fairy tales, the students perform a short play)
  • Through games
Independent Thinking

At the core of our teaching method is the relationship between the student and the teacher where we are ensuring free two-way communication and teaching students to ask and think “why”. For example – the teachers ask students ”Why???” and students answer back. “Because.” For example, “Why can the fish swim? Can you swim under the water like fish?” Then the students start to think about the question.”???” and answer. It is fun for young students to think of all the possibilities and not impose limits on their curiosity at this age.

Presentation skills

Confidence in public speaking enables students to excel in many fields throughout their lives, so it is important for each of our students to perfect their presentation skills. To perfect students’ presentation skills we organize:

  • Weekly fairytale presentations
  • Christmas show
  • Kyoto speech contest
Social Skills

Through everyday situations, we encourage respectful, open, and positive communication when interacting with teachers and other students. Our students are not fearful to ask for help when needed, recognize when to help fellow students, and strive to lift each other up. They learn to recognize situations when to be patient and when persistent and how to control their temper with respect to the situation and how their behavior affects themselves and others. In Bambino, we encourage both individuality in thinking and acting when needed, but also teamwork and companionship.

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