Special Events

Kyoto Speach Contest

Each Bambino student from 3 years old to 12 years old participates in this national public English Speech competition.
They practice from September to March. The younger students practice recitation and the older students write their own original journal pieces and present a speech in front of the judge and audience on the big stage.
Bambino students have won the Grand Prix.

Christmas Pagent

Every year, from September to December Bambino students practice a Christmas biblical play and Christmas songs in English.
The students not only learn about the spirit of Christmas but have the opportunity to receive individual oral training.

Halloween trick or treat

For Halloween, we work together with the community to organize a real Trick or Treat experience for our students. On Halloween day open for our students and their parents, who are all encouraged to dress up in a Halloween costume.

field trip

In collaboration with a local farm, we organize a potato-digging field trip. The students can ask all the questions about cultivating potatoes and learn how to properly pull them from the ground.

Graduation ceremony

Every year we organize a special ceremony for graduate students where they can once again present their skills to school friends and parents.

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