The Best Time to Start Learning English is NOW!

Classes for students from age 3 – 17!

Why Bambino


Original Curriculum

Over the years we have tried different teaching methods and curriculums, and from each kept what we think works the best for our students. See more about preschool curriculum here.


Eiken Certified School

In Bambino Eiken Academy, we organize Eiken preparation classes and Eiken testing. Eiken is number one English proficiency test in Japan, and it’s being accepted by more than 2500 schools and universities in Japan.


All-English Environment

All of our teachers are bilingual or native English speakers. While we are using English throughout all the classes, we have classes that are specifically focusing on phonics, reading, and writing.


Special Events

Bambino students yearly participate in Kyoto Speech Competition. We are organizing we organize culural events – Christmas Presentation, Halloween trick or treat, and different field trips that help emerge into the English speaking environment and mindset.

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